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Building Opportunity in Rural Alaska


Alaska Unlimited is a regional economic development organization for rural Alaska. 

Created as a non-profit 501(c)3, Alaska Unlimited's purpose is to promote direct beneficial economic diversification, stability and growth in the rural regions of Alaska by providing advocacy, professional and technical assistance to individual entrepreneurs, organizations and businesses and by working in partnership with local, regional, state, federal and transnational organizations with vested interest to improve socioeconomic conditions of rural Alaska.

This collaboration is truly a commitment to unity, building opportunity for rural Alaska. 


Economic and community Development 

WORKING with communities, tribes, boroughs, regional, state and federal entities, we support strategic growth in rural communities throughout Alaska.

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Natural resource Development 

SUPPORTING ethical, responsible resource development in the state for the benefit of Alaskans: Alaska does it best!

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Man Welding

Workforce and small business development

UNDERSTANDING this is key to Alaska's success, we support our partners by building opportunity for businesses to THRIVE.  Creating intelligent solutions for Alaska's workforce needs, we make sure the works gets done. 

National Security and defense

RECOGNIZING Alaska's strategic location for global defense, we are aware of our duty to defend and protect our homeland and prepare Alaskans for a new Arctic Frontier


Cultural sustainment

HONORING our Heritage, our work protects and sustains the Alaskan communities and cultures that have been since time immemorial 


LEARNING lessons, we connect and create culturally and geographically considerate opportunities for rural Alaskans to lead our tomorrow

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